Online galleries and CRM for professional photographers

Take your photography business to the next level with our studio management suite.
Save time to do what you truly love.

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An intuitive suite designed specifically for photographers


Deliver and sell your pictures in beautiful galleries.

Adapt your galleries to your own worflow thanks to their easy handling and scalability.

Elegant and intuitive, they boost your customer satisfaction and upsales.

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Optimize and automate your administrative tasks in order to gain peace of mind.

Improve your customer experience with a booking interface and a customized follow-up.

Finally, use online contracts, invoices and payments to secure and increase your revenue.

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All in one place

A complete management solution

For all stages of your work. Planning, contracting, invoicing, selling online, and much more.

Diane Jimenez

“ Fotostudio makes managing my business a lot easier. It's a real weight off my mind. ”

Showcase your work

Use Fotostudio galleries to showcase and deliver your pictures.<br/> Upsell additional products and increase your profit.

Sophie Gaudin

“ It takes less than five minutes to send a proposal and draft contract to a prospect. It's so quick! ”

How can Fotostudio help me?

How many hours/week do you spend on emails (questions, offers, signing contracts) ?

How many cancellations (last minute, no-shows) per month?

Risk of non-payment: how much do you estimate the loss of a customer not or incorrectly invoiced, or not followed up (payment of a deposit but not the balance)?

How much do you value an hour of your work ?

On average our photographers spend 4h / week managing e-mails.

On average our photographers face 1,5 no-show per month, generating loss revenue.

On average our photographers make 1 billing oversight, loosing €160 revenue.

This represents a direct cost of

375 $

For 24 $ / month

Fotostudio automates these processes and allows you to get that amount back.

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