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A tool designed specifically for photographers...

Organise your work

Manage all your client, prospect and shoot data in one central platform. Manage your business efficiently and free your mind so you can focus on what's important.

Diane Jimenez

“ fotostudio makes managing my business a lot easier. It's a real weight off my mind. ”

Impress your clients

Sign up clients for shoots faster than ever before. Clients get guidance every step of the way, from accepting the estimate and signing the contract, to paying the deposit online.

Sophie Gaudin

“ It takes less than five minutes to send a proposal and draft contract to a prospect. It's so quick! ”

Simplify your communication

Stop spending hours sending emails. Use workflows to set up custom, automated emails for every stage in the client relationship.

Sabrina Avrillon

“ Photographers spend a lot of time managing client relationships. Having a tool like fotostudio is essential! ”

And much more...

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Extremely user-friendly

fotostudio is user-friendly and has a short learning curve. It takes just a few hours to get up and running.

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Marie Destampes

“ I've been using fotostudio since I launched my photography business. It's helped me project a professional image from the outset. The templates (contracts, invoices, emails, etc.) are a real time-saver when you're getting started. ”

5 support

Our responsive support team is here to help. Get in touch by email, chat or phone, or via our Facebook group. We're always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Anthony Lemoine

“ The fotostudio team are incredibly responsive. The platform is constantly improving through updates and new features! ”

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fotostudio makes admin easier

Every photographer dreams of spending as little time as possible on admin, management and marketing tasks.

That's where fotostudio comes in: a software program that handles every aspect of a photographer's business, all in one place.

Thanks to its numerous innovative features, fotostudio automates tasks and keeps data input to a minimum.

It's designed specifically for professional photographers.

- Samuel Malarik, photography coach

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Two-month free trial

Try out all the features free for two months, with no commitment or credit card required. Get personal support online or over the phone, and we can also help you transfer your data.

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$24 per month

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$20 per month

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  • Unlimited clients and prospects
  • Unlimited shoots
  • Unlimited estimates and invoices
  • Automated emails
  • Contract signing
  • Online bookings
  • Online payments
  • Accounting
  • Tasks and calendar
  • Surveys
  • Gift vouchers and kitties
  • Multiple identities
  • Multilingual
Free trial

Customisable, accessible and secure

Customise fotostudio according to your needs. Access our platform on the go, from your PC, smartphone or tablet. Your data is secure and continuously backed up.

Cécile Grégoire

“ I can access my data and manage my business from my PC or smartphone, no matter where I am. ”

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