10 good reasons to start the year with Fotostudio

Published on Tuesday November 23 - fotostudio

10 good reasons to start the year with Fotostudio

Getting better organised in your photography business is undoubtedly one of the resolutions and commitments you want to make most often, but how do you go about it?
 To become more efficient and manage your time better, sign up for Fotostudio, our platform that will quickly become indispensable to your activity as a photographer.
Intuitive, simple to use and managed by an available team, Fotostudio aims to simplify the life of professional photographers.

 Our platform is available in English, French, German, Dutch and soon also in Spanish and Italian. If you are still hesitating, we have listed 10 good reasons to trust us to manage your business.
 You'll also find extra help to get started on our youtube channel, an individual online presentation or the members-only Facebook group (groupe Facebook réservé aux membres Here's an overview of what you can do with Fotostudio to make your life easier

1) Sign your contracts online

Guide your customers step by step, from the acceptance of the quote to the payment of the deposit online, without forgetting the signature of the contract. Everything is made accessible, simple and intuitive to give your customers confidence and communicate professionally. 
Your customers save time and so do you! No more getting lost in your paperwork.

2) Create your quotes and invoices while keeping an eye on your accounting

No more formatting your invoice templates yourself, getting the numbers wrong or forgetting to send them to your customers. With Fotostudio, you can easily create your quotes and invoices, always find them on the platform and keep an eye on the evolution of your profit (incl. and excl. taxes).
 You can also easily enter the payments received, and follow up on those that are not honoured. Did you dream of simplifying your accounting? We have done it for you.

3) Dematerialise your data

If you're the type of person who's in a hurry, or if you're worried about paperwork, working with Fotostudio will ensure that you never lose any data or documents. Connect to your space and find everything that concerns your activity: quotes, invoices, contracts, customer questionnaires, contact information for your customers, calendar, overview of appointments and progress of your work ... Saving time, serious, organization, Fotostudio is your ally in your daily life as a photographer. Everything is on your platform, in one place.

4) Save time by using automatic workflows and emails

What better way to give a professional image to your clients than to reassure them with emails before an appointment, before a session, to thank them for working with you, to send them your various documents (quotes, contracts, invoices, questionnaires...)? A real added value for your clients but one that takes up a lot of your time... How do you find your way around? Thanks to Fotostudio's workflows, you can program various tasks or automatic mailings to mark out the relationship with your client. 
No more spending hours sending messages; your automated personalized emails are sent at each stage of your customer relationship thanks to your workflows. You don't have to think about anything anymore, you are sure to never forget an email and your client is delighted to be followed up in such a personal way by his photographer. You wanted to give a more serious image? Now it's possible!

5) Centralise your data

Don't spend time searching for your customers' contact information in emails, Messenger, your phone, phone notes or an Excel file.
 Consolidate all of your data on Fotostudio with the customer card and quickly find the information you need when you need it! Never lose any of your client documents again, always find invoices, quotes, contracts, notes about your sessions, questionnaires... Another way to save time. Most of this information is also available on the app when you are on the move.

6) Be more organised

By centralising your data, automating tasks and making it easier for photographers to do all the time-consuming things they do, Fotostudio saves you half a day's admin work each week so you can concentrate on what you love: photography. Everything about your business and your clients is on the same platform. Don't lose contact with your clients, keep an eye on your prospects, follow the progress of your projects. Manage your business efficiently and free your mind.

7) Use a CRM program designed for photographers

Fotostudio is the simplest and most specialized CRM software (customer relationship management) for photographers, and it is designed by photographers. It's easy to use for both you and your clients. It's much easier to express yourself in your native language than to struggle with English language software, so we offer 6 differents language (English, French, Dutch, German, and soon Spanish and Italian).
 One of the strengths of Fotostudio is also the availability of the team. Always listening to its users, each member ensures that the platform progresses at the same time as the evolution of the profession. 
 To make the program even more accessible, the Fotostudio team offers a one-hour videocall demo. The ideal way to get started. Don't hesitate to make an appointment!

8) Offer online reservations

Offer your clients the opportunity to book a shoot, a mini-session or one of your availabilities by themselves thanks to the online booking module. Clients select their preferred time slot from those you have entered and you save an incredible amount of time. 
 The client becomes 100% autonomous and can book his session alone, sign the session contract and pay it online. No more endless email exchanges to make an appointment or pay for a session. The client is guided and your agenda fills up while you are busy with other things (photographing or enjoying)!

9) Save your prospects'contact information directly into Fotostudio from your website's contact form

As soon as you get in touch with a prospect, save time and already save the data that concerns him/her. By linking the Fotostudio contact form to your website, the information given by the customer is redistributed in the platform and a file is automatically created in his/her name. This saves you valuable time, ensures that you don't lose any of your contacts' details and allows you to keep track of your prospect's status until they become a customer.

10) Offer gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are an inherent part of your business. You will be regularly solicited on the occasion of holidays (mothers', fathers', end of year...), for birthdays, to simply offer a session.
 It is easy to set up and will allow you to increase your turnover, almost without effort. 
To find out more, read our article on gift vouchers.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of all these benefits in a concrete way by registering now. We offer you 2 months free. You don't need a credit card to create your account, just an email is enough. And at the end of the 2 months, if you do not continue, the account will simply be deactivated.

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