Joanie Dachy, Newborn & pregnancy photographer

“Clients can sign the contract and pay online, so my shoots are confirmed in just a few minutes.”

My calendar and client data are managed centrally in fotostudio, giving me an overview of my entire business and making sure I never forget a thing.

Clients can book a shoot using the online booking module, which is a real time-saver for mini-shoots. All I have to do is set my available slots and the client does the rest.

And with the questionnaires, I can get all the information I need before a shoot, from participant names and ages, to outfits and more.

Sébastien Roignant, Wedding photographer

“With the workflows, I know exactly where I'm up to with each wedding, saving me precious time.”

As a freelance photographer, making the best use of my time is very important. For instance, I've optimised my post-processing workflow in recent years, so I can produce great-looking wedding photos in a single day.

But I was wasting a lot of time with client management tasks. The working relationship with a couple stretches over a long period, so it's easy to forget something, or to lose track of where you're up to and what you still need to do.

The workflows in fotostudio let me generate tasks and automated emails for each step. The dashboard summarises what I still have left to do, and the things that fotostudio will do for me, so I can always keep track of the progress of each project. I'm more productive and I save precious time with all the little everyday tasks that come with running a wedding photography business.

Ludivine Viguié, Portrait photographer

“I'm delighted with the automated email feature, which I use for all my shoots.”

As a portrait photographer working alone from my studio, I need an efficient and versatile tool.

The software I used before fotostudio was nowhere near as comprehensive or up to standard. I signed up for a fotostudio trial and soon realised it was right for me.

I'm delighted with the automated email feature, which I use for all my shoots. I no longer have to send emails manually. fotostudio does the heavy lifting.

The community is a great source of help and the software is regularly updated.

I like how the development team listens carefully to user feedback and prioritises new solutions.

I'm not sure I could ever go back to the way I used to work!

Nicolas Kahyat, Corporate photographer

“ With fotostudio, I can manage every aspect of my business in one place”

I've been using fotostudio for almost six months now. It's really well-designed and constantly evolving. At last, I have a tool for managing every aspect of my corporate photo production business in one place, saving me lots of time in the process!

I tried out various software programs but none of them was the right fit for my corporate business. I ended up managing my admin with a separate address book, calendar, task management program and other tools. My DIY setup worked OK, but it was time-consuming and I often forgot to do things like following up my clients and prospects.

With fotostudio, I can finally manage everything in one place. And I can access it from anywhere: in the office, on the move or at a client appointment. And I'm no longer forgetting things!

Whenever I meet a prospect, I can create a record there and then, note down the brief, prepare an estimate, book in a provisional date, generate the copyright transfer agreement and get it signed online. I can also issue the deposit invoice, which the prospect can pay online via their interface if they wish, as well as schedule tasks for a fixed or movable date as needed, and finalise invoicing in a few clicks once the photos are delivered, at which point the prospect is automatically converted into a client. In short, I'm extremely happy!

I also like the fact that almost everything can be customised, from quotations and invoices to the client interface, service and product types, manual and automated tasks, email templates and automation, payment reminders, copyright transfer agreements, terms of business, and much more.

It takes some getting used to at first, and you have to spend some time setting everything up to suit your business and needs. But once you've done that, it all runs like clockwork and there's very little further effort involved.

I'll end by saying that the development team is really responsive. They listen to user feedback, and they're constantly fine-tuning the software with regular updates that make often complex processes easier and more seamless.

Finally, a CRM designed specifically with photographers in mind. Well done!

Samuel Malarik, Photography coach

“ A simple, powerful tool that automates admin, business and marketing tasks for photographers!”

Every photographer dreams of spending as little time as possible on admin, management and marketing tasks.

That's where fotostudio comes in: a software program that handles every aspect of a photographer's business, all in one place.

Thanks to its numerous innovative features, fotostudio automates tasks and keeps data input to a minimum.

It's designed specifically for professional photographers.

The open-architecture design means data can automatically be exported and imported to and from other programs like ProSelect.

fotostudio may be relatively new, but it's mature enough to compete with other specialist tools.

And above all, it's constantly evolving – because listening to what photographers want is second nature.

fotostudio makes admin easier

They save at least four hours' working time a week. How about you?

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Anthony Lemoine

“ Finally, a tool to help photographers manage the side of the business we're not very good at: admin! fotostudio has everything we need to make our job easier! ”

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