Deliver and sell your pictures in beautiful galleries.

Adapt your galleries to your own worflow thanks to their easy handling and scalability.

Elegant and intuitive, they boost your customer satisfaction and upsales.

Explore the many features already available in fotostudio:

Elegant and intuitive galleries

Photographers, show and sell your pictures easily in beautiful galleries.
Our tool is designed for all photographers who need to deliver their pictures online.

Built with photographers, the galleries adapt to your different needs:
- Have your clients choose a number of pictures following their photo shoot
- Deliver full reports: corporate, wedding, family
- Show your finalized pictures or pre- edited pictures for proofing
- Sell additional pictures after your shoots

Easy to use for photographers and clients

Time is precious!
For you, photographer
Set up your galleries in a few clicks: their appearance, the number of photos included and the associated rates.
Our galleries are connected to the CRM: using Fotostudio for your administrative management, your photo shoots and clients data are filled in a click.

For your customers
Offer a pleasant experience to your clients.
Indeed, our galleries are very easy to familiarize with.
Your clients can easily download or order their photos.
The organic interface highlights your work and facilitate upsales.


With the online shop, you can offer products from a local supplier or products from Fotostudio. Increase your revenues easily while taking advantage of the online payment or the integration of your invoices directly in the CRM.

Access management

For you, photographers:
Protect galleries easily with an access code. You also have the possibility to prepare different access groups with hidden photos or folders.

For your customers:
They can easily create different access codes with hidden photos and/or folder

Increase your revenues

From the beginning Fotostudio helps photographers save time, simplify admin tasks, improve customer experiences and upsales.
As a consequence the gallery interface is optimized to facilitate additional sales.

A gallery is worth more than 1000 words

Discover an example of a Fotostudio gallery. Everything (or almost everything) is customizable!

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