Meet the team - Anthony, founder of Fotostudio

Published on Thursday December 15 - fotostudio

Meet the team - Anthony, founder of Fotostudio

You are using Fotostudio CRM on a daily basis.
Who is hiding behind this platform ?
Let us introduce you to the team !

Who are these men and women developing Fotostudio, training you, answering and seeking solutions for you ?

Let's start with Anthony, the creator of Fotostudio.

Anthony is 35 years old, married (in a relationship for 20 years!) and father of little girl Alice.
He is a web entrepreneur and has launched many projects since he was 15 years old.

In September 2018, he created Fotostudio, inspired by his wife, Cécile, photographer. She could not find an ideal solution to manage her business and wasted a lot of time on administrative tasks.
This is how Anthony imagined Fotostudio, to overcome this problem. He then met a dozen photographers from Liège to understand their needs, and Fotostudio was born.

Fotostudio is a bit like my baby. I designed it from A to Z. From market research, to development, including marketing, customer follow-up, support, etc.
A bit like you, freelance photographers, who have to manage all aspects of your profession yourself. It's something that I find exciting, I've always loved having a 360° role.

Anthony is as passionate about computers as he is about windsurfing.
He discovered these two passions when he was young. They both bring him a precious feeling of freedom.
Indeed, he created his own job matching his desires and lifestyle. Windsurfing also brings him an incredible feeling of freedom and makes him enjoy the present moment.

In love with his small family, Anthony knew how to surround himself with collaborators to create the Fotostudio family, determined to constantly improve the user experience.

About the author

Lucille Gaumard

Lucille is a professional photographer and using Fotostudio since its creation. She is convinced of the added value of the tool and uses her knowledge to help and guide new users.