New: customize your galleries to your liking on Fotostudio!

Published on Monday June 17 - fotostudio

New: customize your galleries to your liking on Fotostudio!

What's changing?

Up until now, you had the ability to customize the cover of your galleries and adjust photo spacing. These options have allowed our users to create unique and aesthetic presentations.
But why stop there? We know that every detail matters to reflect your style and brand.
That's why we have expanded the customization options to include:

Color customization

You can now adjust the colors of text and backgrounds in your galleries. Whether you prefer classic and elegant tones or bold and vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless.
This feature allows you to create a consistent atmosphere with your visual identity.

Font selection

Typography is essential for conveying your message and style.
With our latest update, you can choose from a variety of fonts to find the one that perfectly matches your vision.

Button shapes

Navigation and interaction buttons can now be customized in terms of shape. Whether round, square, or with rounded corners, you have full control to harmonize these elements with the overall design of your gallery.

Roundness of photos

If you want to give a vintage touch, you can now round the corners of your photos—just a little, a lot, or not at all.

Cover photo focus selection

In case of cropping of the cover photo by a phone or according to your cover choice, you can focus on a face or any element you prefer. No more cut-off heads.

Predefined themes

To make creating your galleries even easier, we have introduced over 10 predefined themes that you can use as a base for your customizations:
Fotostudio Theme: ideal for an elegant and modern presentation, highlighting vibrant colors and strong contrasts.
Divine Purity Theme: perfect for a bright and airy atmosphere, emphasizing simplicity and clarity.
Terracotta Cornice Theme: an artistic and free choice, with natural tones and organic designs for a more relaxed and creative feel.

Saving your own templates

We understand that every photographer has unique preferences. That's why we now allow you to save your own custom templates.
Create the perfect design once and use it for all your future galleries without having to redo the same adjustments each time.

Why is it important?

Customizing your galleries in depth not only enhances the aesthetics of your presentations but also strengthens your branding.
By adjusting every detail to your liking, you provide your clients with a unique and memorable visual experience that stands out from the rest.

How to use these new features?

We've made the user interface as intuitive as possible. Here's a quick guide to get started:

  • - Access your gallery: Log in to your Fotostudio account and go to the "Galleries" section.
  • - Select the gallery to customize: Choose the gallery you want to edit.
  • - Use customization tools: In the customization menu, explore the new options for colors, fonts, and button shapes. Experiment and see changes in real-time.
  • - Choose a predefined theme or save your own: Use one of our predefined themes for quick and elegant design, or save your own custom template for future use.
  • - Save and share: Once satisfied with your design, save your changes and share the gallery with your clients.


At Fotostudio, we are constantly striving to develop tools that allow you to fully express yourself through your photos. With these new customization options and our predefined themes, we hope you will find even more enjoyment and freedom in creating your galleries.
We look forward to seeing how you will use these features to bring your artistic visions to life.

About the author

Serena Trere

Serena is an Italian photographer who has been living and working in France since 2009. Her work revolves around love stories such as weddings, engagements, and pregnancies. She is also a dedicated user of Fotostudio, where she informs and introduces the management software to new Italian, Spanish, and English-speaking users.