Photographers : 10 good resolutions for a creative, inspiring and organized year

Published on Thursday December 15 - fotostudio

Photographers : 10 good resolutions for a creative, inspiring and organized year

2023 is here and, as tradition speaks, many of you are taking good resolutions.
In 2023, let go “classic” commitments and promise yourself to boost your professional activity.

Here are some tips to start the year on the right foot and make your photography business even more exciting, organized and creative than last year.

This year, get organized

  • 🔸  Dare not to work alone to boost your business and be more efficient. Push the door of co-working places to work with other entrepreneurs and why not, develop your network along the way.
  • 🔸 Take the time to understand your accounting by looking at your numbers and track their evolution. Set up objectives and track them on a regular basis (at least once a month). Keep an eye on the evolution of your activity thanks to the financial dashboard of Fotostudio and use it as a tool to communicate with your accountant.
  • 🔸 Make sure to discover more features on Fotostudio in order to relieve your administrative work. Beginning of the year often means prices and packages updates for photographers. It's also a quiet period for most of us. This the ideal time to set up or update workflows, integrate the contact form to your website, manage your invoices. In short, relieve yourself of admin work and save time to shoot.

This year, be creative

  • 🔸 Focus on what you love to get closer to the style of images you want to shoot. Carefully choose and share what you want to shoot for your customers, on your website and social networks. If needed, organize a shoot that fully corresponds to your desires and the techniques you want to use.
  • 🔸  Take training or workshops to develop your business. Marketing? Technics? Creativity ? Find what you want to improve and target the trainings that will serve you 100% to make 2023 the creative year you dream of.
  • 🔸  Give yourself breaks! It's tempting to keep busy and talk many bookings. However, resting will allow you to be even more creative. Cut your emails, your notifications, clear your mind, rest after your long days of shooting, you will only be more creative. Let Fotostudio CRM do work for you, to save valuable time.

This year, communicate

  • 🔸  Better manage your social networks in order to grow your clientele. Setup objectives to optimize your Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok posts. Create an editorial calendar so that you don't miss any more essential post related to seasonality and news.
  • 🔸  Submit your work to blogs! Do you want to see your wedding photos published on this blog that makes you dream? Do you also want to share your sessions and reach new customers? Take the time to read how each blog works, prepare your file and finally dare to send it. You will surely be proud, a few weeks later, to share the link to the blog that published your work.

This year, finally take care of yourself

  • 🔸 The heart of your business consists in creating memories for the people you meet. Those memories are linked to a happy event, a wedding or moments of complicity of a family. But have you thought about your own memories? Think about taking out your camera to photograph daily life, and book a photo shoot to create your own memories. You will then better understand the value of the services you offer.
  • 🔸  Focus on projects that inspire you, shoot for fun, get out of your way, try new things, dare to travel to discover new landscapes and develop your portfolio.

  • There are still plenty of resolutions possible to make this new year creative, inspiring and filled with successes and great collaborations. We let you write its pages and we wish you a new year that lives up to your expectations.

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Jehanne Moll

Photographe depuis plus de dix ans, Jehanne est un peu touche-à-tout: spécialisée dans le mariage et les portraits d’entrepreneurs, elle aime accompagner les personnes avec qui elle travaille tout en douceur et bienveillance. Quand elle n’a pas son appareil photo en main, c’est à travers les mots qu’elle aime s’exprimer pour mettre ceux qu’elle rencontre en lumière pour éveiller la curiosité de ceux qui la liront. Depuis l’été 2019, elle a rejoint l’équipe de Fotostudio où elle épaule Anthony dans la création de contenus pour rendre le logiciel encore plus accessible et ainsi, créer du lien au sein de la communauté de Fotostudio.