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Explore the many features already available in fotostudio:

Manage all your data in one place

Where do you store your client contact details? In your emails? In Messenger? In a spreadsheet? Manage all your data in fotostudio and quickly find the information you need, when you need it!

Christopher Tanfin

“ fotostudio lets me manage all my client data in one place, saving me a lot of time. ”

An organised, up-to-date calendar

Add shoots, appointments and provisional bookings to your calendar. Assign colour codes to different shoot types for extra clarity. Easily sync with your Google or Apple account.

Rose VDB

“ The shoot summary and status indicators (to shoot, to retouch, etc.) give me a clear overview of my business. ”

Never forget to follow up on your prospects again

Never forget to answer a message or follow up on a prospect again. With fotostudio, you always know exactly where you're at with every contact. Link your website contact form to fotostudio and a new prospect will be created every time you receive a message.

Steve Collin

“ I love being able to manage all my clients and prospects in one place. I never lose track of where I'm up to! ”

Estimates and invoices in less than 2 minutes

Create estimates and have clients approve them with just a few clicks.
Generate deposit and balance invoices, and fotostudio will send out late-payment reminders.

Sophie Gaudin

“ It takes less than five minutes to send a proposal and draft contract to a prospect. It's so quick! ”

Get your contracts signed online

Save time by getting contracts signed online. Its quick and easy, and you'll never have a shoot without a signed contract again.

Eugenie Hennebicq

“ Getting contracts signed online and managing all my clients in one place saves me four hours a week on average! ”

Online payments

Let your clients pay online by credit/debit card, Paypal, iDeal, Sofort, ... (we are Stripe & Mollie partners). Take payment instantly and confirm shoots quickly.

Laura Soszna

“ The online deposit payment system lets me book in new shoots much faster than before. ”

Online bookings

Set your available slots and let your clients follow the guided online booking process, from choosing the date and time of the shoot, through to signing the contract and paying the deposit. Book in new sessions while you sleep!

Laetitia Duverly

“ I use fotostudio to manage my bookings and billing. These days, I couldn't manage without it. ”

Automated emails and SMS

Spending too much time sending the same emails over and over again? Set up automated emails for each type of shoot. fotostudio even supports birthday messages.

Nathalie Ageron

“ Scheduling automated emails to my clients saves me hours each week. ”

Tasks and workflows

Create a task list for each type of shoot and keep track of where you're up to, so you never forget a thing.

Olivia Fourets

“ Thinking carefully about your workflows and setting them up in fotostudio pays dividends in the long run. ”


You need to collect information at every stage of the client relationship. Easily send custom surveys.

Elodie Roncin

“ I use fotostudio every day to manage my clients, and especially for contracts and surveys. ”


Manage your finances with our accounting module. Track turnover, and manage invoices, payments and expenses. Easily export your data for your accountant.

Benoit Vos

“ I use fotostudio every day to automate my emails, contracts and invoices, and to keep track of my accounts ”

Gift vouchers and kitties

Sell gift vouchers online! Fast and easy, for you and your clients. With our kitty system, clients can collect funds from their connections to pay you (birth or wedding gift list system).


fotostudio lets you work with your clients in the language of your choice, or even in more than one language: perfect if you work across borders or have clients in several countries.

Customisable, accessible and secure

Creating identities lets you personalise fotostudio to suit different areas of your business (e.g. one identity for weddings and another for corporate shoots). Access our platform on the go, from your PC, smartphone or tablet. Your data is secure and continuously backed up.

Cécile Grégoire

“ I can access my data and manage my business from my PC or smartphone, no matter where I am. ”

Easy to use and five-star support!

fotostudio is user-friendly and has a short learning curve.
Our support team is always here to help, and you can get support from hundreds of other photographers via our Facebook group.

Ariane Duplaceau

“ The fotostudio team is always on hand to deal quickly with photographers' problems. Very impressive! ”

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